Ever see a truly clean Workplace Kitchen? Almost no one ever has. From the food splattered microwave that hasn't been cleaned since it was bought 10 years ago to the sugar covered counter top from those drinking coffee. What about the fridge? You could host a science fair with what's growing in there.

So just how dirty is your Workplace Kitchen? Science tells us all.

The Kitchen at your job is so dirty it could actually cause illness and disease.

The surface of the counter tops at the kitchens tested showed that nearly half were contaminated by dangerously high levels of bacteria that is usually present in fecal matter. This can actually lead to gastrointestinal disease.

Even worse? 75% of the areas tested are home to more bacteria than a feminine sanitary bin.

Tea Kettles: Over 40 percent of users' hands were contaminated with bacteria levels higher than what's found on a workplace toilet seat.


Solution? Wash hands frequently and use the sanitary wipes/disinfectants regularly when during and after prepping food in the kitchen.

Side note: The above picture is one of the two fridges at our office. It's actually a whole hell of a lot cleaner than it was a couple months ago (not sure if it's much safer in the bacteria world or not but that's why I have my own fridge in my office).