Xbox Live will stream its share of celebrities on Sunday, as it will carry the red carpet coverage of the Associated Press at this year's Academy Awards. Starting Sunday at 6 PM EST, Xbox Live subscribers can also join in on the action by partaking in interactive polls via their Xbox 360 controller or tweeting with the hashtag #xboxredcapret.

The red carpet experience has been just one example of how Xbox is broadening its creative horizons. Xbox also covered the broadcasts of this year's Presidential debates, Video Game Awards, People's Choice Awards, and the Grammy Awards. Viewers can also find additional Academy Awards information through a smartphone or tablet with the free Xbox SmartGlass app.

As for Sunday night's Oscars, Argo is favored to win for Best Picture. Frontrunners in the Best Actor and Actress categories this awards season have been Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln and Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook.

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