We're just two weeks away from Season 4 of The Walking Dead. Zombie Apocalypse fans are gearing up for what the show's creator says is their "best season yet."

With that said, you might want to also "gear up" for the actual Zombie Apocalypse, itself, and there is a brand new store in Orlando, FL that's helping you do just that.

Kurt Josephs is the mind behind the store that sells everything you might need for the Apocalypse and more. There's backpacks, camouflage gear, machetes, gas masks, and food rations.

When it comes to Zombie related novelty items, Kurt has it all from Zombie-related books, zombie heads, zombie gnomes, and zombie shooting targets that bleed when hit.

What if you're throwing a party during the Apocalypse? Kurt has you covered there as well with tablecloths covered in fake blood and other party favors.

To put it simply, Kurt says

If you like zombies, we got zombie stuff for you.

Or even more simply - he's cashing in on the biggest craze out there right now.



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