Sure, the Mega Millions hype may be gone. But the rush this man has to be living with must be amazing.

Can you literally only imagine if you scratch off that one icon and boom, you become a millionaire. I have friends who freak out of Facebook when they win $100, with good reason.. It is free money.

That can never compare to what Bryan MacPherson of Porters Corners has to be feeling. Today Yolanda Vega paid a visit to the Stewarts Shop in Saratoga Springs. That visit was to present Bryan with a traditional giant check. A check we all can aspire to one day hold.

$1 million dollars. Think about that, this man won $1 million dollars. What would you spend it on? A car? A house? Here is what Bryan had to say

Short and sweet... Bryan after taxes and all that jazz will net around $540 thousand.

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