NY Jets Safety May Have Scored a Touchdown for Military Athletes
For decades, student-athletes that were competing for the United States Military Academies had to complete their active duty military service time before they could pursue their professional athletic careers. Some famous ones over the past few decades have been NBA Hall of Famer David Robinson, former New York Giants wide receiver Phil McConkey as well as Dallas Cowboys legendary quarterback, Roger Staubach. McConkey spent 5 years as a Navy helicopter pilot before he put the shoulder pads back on. Well, a new New York Jets player may have helped change that situation.
Police Called and Stop Upstate High School Hoops Game
Tuesday night, Syracuse police were called to break up a fight on the basketball court of Henninger High School. Henninger was playing Syracuse Academy of Science in basketball. When police are called to high schools, it is never a good thing. When they are called to high school basketball games to break up a fight, you scratch your head to try to understand. As in many cases, the fight on the court that resulted in a call to police, allegedly did not involve any players in the game.

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