Choosing the 10 Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2014 was no easy task, but we have narrowed this year's library of amazing ads down to the best of the best.

Since the Super Bowl is the most watched television broadcast each year, it would make sense that their commercials warrant nearly as many viewers as the game itself (roughly 100+ million a year). Companies go all out with their commercials for the big game to help push a product they sell that will last in the viewers' memories as they venture out into our consumer-based world. Since so many commercials take the over-the top route with the Super Bowl, every company tries to top their contemporaries to the point where a multitude of people tune into the game simply for the commercials themselves. We hope you're ready for beer, yogurt, girls and cars, because Morpheus, puppies, supervillains, Arnold and a whole mess of other amazing things are included with the 10 Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2014.

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    "Time Machine"


    Starting off our list of the 10 Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2014, we have a simple, yet amazing, homemade Doritos' ad. Its premise is simple - a man with a bag of Doritos is walking down the street as a boy with a giant cardboard box labelled 'time machine' stops him. The boy offers to let the man to step in the box and try the time machine, which to no surprise runs on Doritos. But what happens to the man in the box can be attributed to the chips' awesome taste.

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    "The Spill"

    Dannon Oikos

    This Greek yogurt commercial for the Super Bowl features an actual Greek actor, John Stamos. What's great about this commercial is that it reunites Uncle Jesse with Dave Coulier and Bob Saget as the fathers of the hit 90s show "Full House". The TV show's best friend trio of Uncle Jesse, Uncle Joey and Danny Tanner used to live together to help Danny raise his three young daughters after Danny's wife was killed in a car accident a few years prior (but we mainly remember the show for its hilarious comedy). In the commercial, Stamos (who was a 90s heartthrob), is eating Dannon Oikos yogurt in front of a seductive woman. John spills some yogurt down his chin and the lady kisses it off of his face. In the absolute greatest move ever done in the history of flirting, Uncle Jesse purposely spills the yogurt on his lap. But to his surprise, his friends have been watching and the commercial ends with full intervention.

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    "Slow Bark"


    Before you watch "Slow Bark" and shrug, simply dismissing it as only cute, watch CarMax's original commercial, "Slow Clap" first. "Slow Clap" is a mundane, but funny, commercial of a man buying a used car from a CarMax lot. As he leaves the dealer, he starts to receive a slow clap from everyone that he passes (much like what happens in Sports / Drama films). "Slow Bark" is the same exact commercial, but simply done with puppies instead of people. Since puppies can't really clap on their own, they all bark in their squeaky, newborn voices.

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    "British Villains Rendezvous"


    In Jaguar's "British Villains Rendezvous", Sir Ben Kingley makes an excellent point. And this commercial simply echoes Kingley's claim that Hollywood films always use British actors to portray their villains. What better actors could Jaguar have used but Ben Kingley, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong to help remind us that British supervillains are awesome. The Mandarin, Loki and Sinestro prove that British villains bring about a sense of class and tend to be Machiavellian masterminds. To that degree, they deserve the most stylish and up-to-date vehicles - Jaguars.

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    "The Truth"


    Morpheus is back! In Kia's Matrix-inspired commercial, "The Truth", a couple go to a valet booth to try and retrieve their parked car. To their surprise, the man with the keys is Morpheus (played by a returning Laurence Fishburne). Fishburne continues to do an excellent rendition of his famous pieces of dialogue from "The Matrix" that help bridge the gap in the layman's mind between Kia and luxury. And if you thought that fighting in the Matrix was amazing, wait until you hear the singing.

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    "Puppy Love"


    We're only halfway through the 10 Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2014 and we've already encountered Morpheus, supervillains, the dads from "Full House", puppies acting like people and a grizzly bear eating yogurt. And with "Puppy Love" by Budweiser, we have an even cuter puppy commercial. Building on last year's Clydesdale horse commercial by Budweiser, a Golden Retriever has recently given birth to puppies, and its owner wants to give them up for adoption. Unfortunately, one of the pups has found a true friend at the farm next door, and trying to separate them only leads to one of the most adorable, heartwarming things we have ever seen.

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    "What Can Tim Tebow Do with No Contract?"


    Oh Tim Tebow, how we tried to forget your run with the Patriots. Nevertheless, we miss your signature pose and your overall great attitude towards life. That's why in T-Mobile's "What Can Tim Tebow Do with No Contract?" commercial, we're glad to see Tebow living up to the potential we originally had for him. Tim can be seen delivering a baby like he was doing a football snap, saving puppies from a burning building, putting a stunt car in the air and even tackling Bigfoot. The only reason why this commercial didn't score higher on the list was because Tim didn't do his signature knee-drop during the ad. And only two people in the world are famous for knee-drops, Ric Flair and Tim Tebow.

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    "The Phone Call"


    There's one big reason why we loved RadioShack's Super Bowl commercial: nostalgia. Dozens of our favorite faces from 1980s pop culture have returned to help take down RadioShack's walls as they prepare to modernize itself and change with the market of electronic products. Chucky from the ‘Child’s Play’ series, Ponch from ‘CHiPs’, Cliff from ‘Cheers’, Sgt. Slaughter, Hulk Hogan, Dee Snider from Twisted Sister, Slim Goodbody and ‘Alf’ the alien are just some of the awesome names that appear to help get rid of the RadioShack shops of old. To top it all off, there was even a DeLorean that sped away with all of RadioShack's old stuff! Unfortunately, there were no 'Gremlins' in the commercial.

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    "Ian Up For Whatever"

    Bud Light

    This Bud Light commercial is the quintessential Super Bowl ad. It's got everything you want - Arnold, Don Cheadle with a llama, Minka Kelly, Reggie Watts and even a surprise concert. "Ian Up For Whatever" depicts the adventures of Ian, a simple guy who was just sitting at a bar by himself. A beautiful girl named Kelly handed him a Bud Light, asked if he was willing to do anything that would happen next, and Ian said he was simply down for whatever. What happens afterwards, is without a doubt, the greatest night on the town that any person can ever have.

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    "The Mega Huge Football Game Ad Newcastle Could Have Made"


    Before you watch the video for our top spot of the 10 Best Super Bowl commercial of 2014, we hope that you take the time to read exactly why we chose Newcastle without simply skipping to the video itself. In order to appreciate how funny Anna Kendrick's Behind the Scenes comments on Newcastle's failed ad campaign was, you should watch the other videos of Newcastle's failed ad campaign (click here to see the rest of the campaign). The campaign starts off with a concept sketch depicting the most ridiculous and expensive commercial to ever be made (featuring a non-CGI, skyscraper-size robot) and Keyshawn Johnson as a skateboarding cat. Watching Keyshawn Johnson's comments to him being a cat, the focus group's response to the commercial and Anna Kendrick commenting at how much Newcastle failed had us cracking up the whole time. Newcastle's purposely-failed campaign parodies everything we love about Super Bowl commercials and Anna Kendrick's final comments left us in gut-busting laughter after watching the entire campaign.

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