The legendary Ozzy Osbourne has cheated death more times than Bugs Bunny, often in more hilarious ways. With heavy metal’s living legend returning to the stage in 2020 following one of the most challenging years of his life, we’ve put together 10 of Ozzy’s all-time craziest moments.

Ozzy Osbourne is the only human being who can bite the heads off live animals and gain more fans because of it. The famous bat incident was an accident, as Ozzy mistook it for a rubber bat, but he very purposely chomped the head off a dove during a record label meeting. After releasing birds into the boardroom to a warm response, one of the birds landed on Ozzy’s knee, paying the ultimate price for doing so. Needless to say, execs were soon vomiting in the workplace.

Beyond the bat and the dove, Ozzy’s most infamous moment took place in San Antonio, Texas, where the Prince of Darkness accidentally urinated on a piece of the Alamo. At nine in the morning, Ozzy had a bladder full of Courvoisier and needed to pee. He was wearing one of Sharon Osbourne’s dresses at the time, which made Texas police even more uncomfortable. Ozzy was actually banned from performing in San Antonio for 10 years because of the incident.

Ozzy legally died for a short period of time following his 2003 ATV accident. He reportedly stopped breathing and had no pulse for two minutes, all of which was documented in The Osbournes. The Black Sabbath icon miraculously survived the accident, though he suffered a broken collarbone, eight fractured ribs and a damaged vertebrae.

Check out the 10 Craziest Ozzy Osbourne Moments in the Loud List above.

Photos: Ozzy Osbourne Through the Years

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