Robert Plant turns 67 today and Dimebag Darrell would of turned 49 today, you can celebrate these two birthdays that rock by listening to Pantera, as you wish Robert Plant a happy birthday. 


I can't help but wonder, what it would be like if Robert Plant & Dimebag Darrell did a song together, would it be a Led Zeppelin song or a Pantera song?

Close enough.

I feel that it would not be out of line, to consider both of Robert Plant and Dimebag to be pioneers of their respectful genres, because of their ability to help their bands stand out amongst the rest.

When you hear Robert Plant, you know it's Robert Plant's vocal style has influenced so many other frontmen and he continues to influence other vocalists today. Same goes for Dimebag Darrell, Dimebag's amazing style has influenced and continues to influence other guitar players.

My favorite from Dimebag:

And my favorite from Robert Plant:

In conclusion, I would like to point out the strange coincedence that 4 + 4 = 8!

Happy Birthday, Robert Plant & Dimebag Darrell on 8/20!!