Amsterdam, a very well deserving city. One that certainly could also use a slight facelift. This is exactly what is going to happen.

For me, I see Amsterdam as a pretty cool town. Cost of living seems to be very low. You are just far away enough from the hustle and bustle of Albany and Schenectady but close enough to actually go there if need be. Beyond that, there are plenty of major named stores and establishments. Now a project will add to the compliments I just paid them.

Elected officials and developers recently unveiled a project that is going to cost around $30M and will add plenty of apartments and parking among other things to the town's waterfront. Also, the actual construction of the building to house all of this will potentially be a blast from the past for many as it will look a little bit like a mill that used to sit on that land.

More on it at the Times Union linked below including photos.

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