When I first heard of this happening, I shouted: "it's about time!". Indeed it is, $40 million is going to help repair a nuisance type issue in Troy.

Now for me, I have lived in a few different areas of Troy, but I am a lifelong resident. Even a former employee of the City of Troy. The fact that this repair hasn't been done yet is baffling in a sense. Each and every winter, you can guarantee a few things. Horrible potholes will be created. Massive amounts of snow will have to be shoveled. And, oh yeah, a water main is going to burst in Troy closing down numerous roads.

It is almost a promise that later statement will happen every year. Well hopefully, not anymore. Troy's water mains are 100 plus years old, they need to be replaced. and now they are. A new massive 36-inch line is going to span 6.5 miles from the Tomhannock Reservoir going into Troy, these will replace lines that have been in place since the beginning of the 20th century.

Mayor Patrick Madden had this to say about the cities water and also the bond they are getting too.

"Our water is our most profitable asset in the city of Troy," said Council member Mark McGrath. "There's no doubt, and any reasonable person would tell you, you have to take care of what makes money for you. That said, bonding/borrowing for up to $40 million — that's concerning." - TIMES UNION