It was this week in 1970 that the biggest band in the world decided to hang it up.


It's safe to say that somethings are just not meant to last forever. When the Beatles formed in Liverpool in 1960 I don't think they thought that they would be leaving such an impression on the world.  They are regarded as one of the most influential bands of all time, if not the most.  I credit my mother with my love of the band.  It was one of the many things I heard growing up.  You are exposed to your parents music, and the Beatles is one group that has stuck with me.

The songs are timeless and they are some of the best ever written.  They have sold more albums in the United States than any other artists and continue to sell them to this day as more and more people discover them for the first time.  Thanks to iTunes you can now purchase their legendary tunes right on your computer.

The guys were running into some internal problems towards the end and weren't even all together for the recording of their final Album Let It Be.  Before the album was released in May of 1970, the band had broken up leaving behind a legacy like no other.  As time went by they remained friends, and did never play together again.  First was loss of John Lennon in 1980 when he was slain by a crazy fan.  Then George Harrison passed away in 2001 from throat cancer.  We still have Paul and Ringo who are off doing their own things.  Paul continues to be one of the biggest earners in music to this day.