On this episode of The Generation X Files it’s a battle of the generations as Tatiana and I go head-to-head in a game of ‘Change My Mind.’

Can Tatiana change my mind about how Millennials have ruined everything?

Or will I change Tatiana’s mind about how Generation X rules and Millennials drool?

Listen to the episode where Tatiana and I do what American’s do best, argue!

It’s an episode of great debating between! Tempers and nostrils will flair! Woo!

I got the idea for this episode from the meme where the guy is sitting at a table in what looks like a park, he has a sign in front of him that makes a statement and at the bottom it says "Change my mind?"

Tatiana and I are not experts on any of the subjects we discuss although I claim to be, if you want to debate my claim, go ahead.... Change my mind... See how it works? See what I did there?

Coming Soon:

We the People: Tatiana's Mom.

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