I’m not really a big James Taylor fan, but I of course know a couple of his songs. So when I got a text from a friend on late Sunday saying they had an extra ticket, I said “Yeahguy!” And I’m glad I did.


First, let me say that Tanglewood in Lennox, Massachusetts is a great place to see a show. Being that I’d never been there was another reason I decided to go as I wanted to check the place out. It’s fantastic. 1.) It is beautiful. 2.) You can bring in coolers with all the food and drink you want. And yes, beers, wine or whatever. 3,) There’s plenty of extra room in the back of the park to play Frisbee. Yeah, you can’t beat this place. And it’s really not that far as it’s only about 45 minutes from Albany. It’s a little strange if you smoke cigarettes though. They have designated ‘smoking sections’ in the park where you’re supposed to stay underneath these little tents they have. It seems a little strange but it certainly makes the air a little fresher and probably keeps the park looking better too as there aren’t butts all over the place. All in all, this place has a great vibe to it.

And now about James Taylor, as it turns out I knew more of his songs that I thought I did. And this guy has some solid tunes and a sweet voice too. He had special guests Vince Gill (who played a very tasteful solo that was moving) and Amy Grant (who may be a very nice person, but did nothing for me). The most interesting thing of the night though was Taylor mentioning that he had about 150 songs. But in actuality, he has 10 songs. And he’s managed to redo each of those 10 songs about 15 times. That was pretty funny… and real too. So in the future, if anyone says they have an extra ticket for James Taylor at Tanglewood, you should jump on that one.

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