Saratoga Beer Week returns Feb. 21-22, with the 9th Annual Beer Summit on Feb. 22! Check out these five foods you must try while at this year's Summit.


Who says the 9th Annual Saratoga Beer Summit has to be all about beer? Make way for the food!

1. Beer Soup - OK, it's still about beer. We're very intrigued by this—does it sound awesome? A little weird? Both? Yea, both. That's why we NEED to see what this beer soup is all about for ourselves. Maybe the one thing that's better than drinking beer and eating food is drinking beer and eating beer.

2. Buffalo Chicken Meatball Skewers - This sounds like a masterpiece. Imagine yourself halfway through your sampling, you're starting to get hungry. What food do you want in your hand? Definitely this!

3. Mac 'N Cheese - An old favorite! Who doesn't love some warm mac 'n cheese on a cold, long day of beer sampling? If beer soup doesn't turn out to be your thing, you can always fall back on this classic treat which always tastes amazing! Also, wine may have met its match in terms of drinks that pair well with cheese. Apparently, wine can actually cover up the flavors in cheese rather than highlight them, whereas the carbonation in beer actually helps to bring out these tasty undertones.

4. Chili - This dish can be a bit tricky to pair with beer. However, when paired with a fantastic beer, the understated notes of the chili will be beautifully accentuated! Swig says:

You’ll want a beer that soothes the burn of spice, but nothing that will overwhelm the subtle notes in your long-simmering blend of meat, veggies, and spices. Beef chili tastes great with intensely hoppy IPAs and double IPAs.

There you have it! If, when hunger strikes, you're sampling a hoppy beer, it's definitely time for some chili.

We hope beer soup becomes your next favorite food. More information regarding tickets, entertainment, and vendors can be found here.

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