With my time in Albany coming to a close, I'd like to look at some places I will miss after I am gone. Friday, July 18 is my last day in town as I will be venturing to the Mid-West to pursue a new opportunity in radio.

I would like to start by saying THANK YOU to you. Thank you for listening to Q103 and staying loyal to the station, for coming out to our events, for coming out to the concerts we put on with Upstate Concert Hall and SPAC, and just for being awesome (seriously). I loved going to events and meeting you, hanging out, enjoying music, and sharing a drink or two in the process.

It has been a blast these last 18 months or so that I've lived here. There are definitely some things I'm going to miss after leaving that only the Capital Region could have or at least do the best.

Below in no order are 5 Things I'll Miss About Albany.

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    Dinosaur BBQ

    As soon as I arrived in Albany, a friend of mine from NYC came to visit and the first words out of his mouth 'We have to go to Dino.'

    Being that I live in North Carolina previous to here, I was like "OK. How good can Upstate New York BBQ be?" Well it was delicious! I've been trying to visit there as much as possible before I leave since they won't have any locations where I am moving to sadly.

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    Thacher Park

    Ever since my first visit to Thacher, I've been a fan and make regular trips there. Sure the drive is a bit but the payoff of that beautiful view is all worth it.

    From sitting there looking out over the Capital Region to walking the paths, this was one of my most favorite places to go when I had free time.

    I'll miss that view and the feel of the breeze; just something about it was peaceful.

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    Peebles Island

    I didn't find out about Peebles until recently, but it is a fun place to hike. Roughly 2 miles from the start of the path to the finish, it was a favorite for my friend Kelly and I to walk her dog (pictured) and get away.

    An added bonus was stopping off on one of the side paths to the water and walking in. I'll definitely miss getting up early on a Sunday morning to go for a nice, peaceful walk.

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    Beer Related Festivals

    Where I lived in North Carolina, we only had one major beer festival a year. So to say I was surprised at the amount of great beer festivals you have in the Capital Region is an understatement.

    I found some new, locally brewed, favorites and I will miss not only those, but the festivals in general. They were always a blast with a great atmosphere, good people, and live entertainment.

    I'll also miss my good friend Budrakey from GotBeer.com and his regular visits to sample beer on air (always a highlight/perk of my job).

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    Fastrax Raceway

    Shorlty after they opened, Q103 did a lot with Fastrax Raceway bringing bands to hang out with Rock-A-Holics and even our very own league. 7 weeks of racing was a blast and some of the funniest times I had while living in Albany.

    The thrill of going 50 MPH around an indoor track is an absolute blast. I took my father for his birthday while he was visiting. We went for 2 races, ended up doing 4 as he loved it so much.

    Great memories, great people, amazing times.