Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! MOTHER'S DAY IS SUNDAY!

dog eating ice cream

Just incase you forgot, I wanted to make sure that I reminded you Mother's Day is on Sunday.

Look Mother's Day is all about appreciating your mother, you don't have to buy some sort of really expensive elaborate gift. Actually I'm pretty sure your mom would be more than happy to just spend some time with you. Cash is tight for a lot of us and everyone get so busy with work and life sometimes you forget to just take a minute to spend sometime and talk to each other.

So if the wallet is a little light this month may I suggest picking up moms, maybe heading out to your local Stewart's and grabbing a cone (which by the way they are offering for just 50 cents for moms on Mother's Day,) and sitting and spending some quality time together. Hey, if you're both up for it, you don't even have to sit! Consider for going for a nice leisurely stroll! The point is that it's not all about that gifts. Sometimes I think we loose track of that.

So to all you mom's out there I hope you have a Happy Mother's Day and get to spend some quality time with your children this weekend.

Special shout out to my own Mother who lives on the other side of the country and won't get to spend the day with her only child  ... "Love ya! Mean it!"

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