If Phoebe Cates was the girl you wanted to be with, or the girl you wanted to be and Poison was playing on the Alpine Stereo you installed in your Mustang GT then you will want to spend this 80's Weekend with Q1057.

As we prepare, I've been reminiscing about the decade of decadence, as Motley Crue would call it, the 1980's! All of this got me thinking about all of the over the top shows I went to, the iconic albums that were released and all of the quirky things that are just totally 80's.

Spend some time with us this weekend and listen to the music that will take your mind back, like mine did, to these defining times. This isn't a "best of" list because there just isn't enough room on this page. This is a list of great music, movies and fun moments that just reek of the 1980's.

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  • Pyromania - Def Leppard - 1983
  • Girls, Girls, Girls - Motley Crue - 1987
  • Slippery When Wet - Bon Jovi - 1986

Did you know there were 3 different covers for Slippery When Wet?

Bon Jovi


  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High - 1982
  • Scarface - 1983
  • Top Gun - 1986


  • Parachute pants
  • Jean jackets with pins and patches
  • High top Reeboks


  • Perms
  • Rat tail
  • Mullets


  • Live Aid - Saturday July 13, 1985 - Even though Live Aid was 35 years ago I can picture that day so clearly. I bought a bunch of blank VHS tapes so that I could record the entire show (London and Philly) on my mom's VCR. The standouts to me were Queen, U2 and Led Zeppelin. Zep wasn't great that day but they were together with Phil Collins on drums and I was happy. So happy that I called the 800-number and donated money so that I could get a Live Aid pin.


  • Miami Vice
  • Cheers
  • Knight Rider
  • Mtv - Debuted 8/1/81


  • Eddie Murphy
  • Heather Locklear
  • Andy Kaufman
  • John Candy


  • Dodge Diplomat - My dad's car, the one I learned to drive on.
  • IRoc Z
  • Pontiac Fiero
  • Mustang GT


  • Microwave (Science Oven)
  • Rubik's Cube
  • Sony Walkman
  • Donkey Kong

One of the reasons that I love Classic Rock is the memories that come along with each song. These tunes are a time machine giving me access to what life was like for me way back when. When you listen to Q1057 this 80's Weekend or at anytime we hope to take you back as well. Thank you for listening. Enjoy the 80's all over again!


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