He was a mainstay in WWE for half of the 90's and even made a year plus comeback in the mid-2000's too. He will be coming to Rensselaer next month.

In the mid-1990's WWE was in the doldrums, so many gimmicks and very few of them were any good. One of the gimmicks was that of a Native American who was unstoppable. Well, the reason it worked for Tatanka is, he was actually a Native American. During his tenure in the company, he had many feuds with numerous legendary wrestlers, including a Wrestlemania match against the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels.

Sadly in his time with WWE he never captured a championship belt, but he is still remembered fondly. I still love the entrance theme he used.

Tatanka will be coming to Heroes Hideout June 16th for an autograph signing. Kudos to those guys who are killing it getting names in the area!