Dan Stoddard is definitely different than the rest of his college basketball teammates. He's 38-years-old with a wife and two kids and has already had a career as a bus driver! That was, until he was recruited by Trevor Costello, the coach of Algonquin Thunder basketball team who saw him playing in a high school alumni game. 

When Costello spotted him, 6'8" Stoddard weighed about 386 pounds but after he was offered a spot to try out for the team, he hit the gym.

Stoddard lifted weights, spent time on treadmills, played more basketball and changed his diet to end up losing 70 pounds. He went to tryouts against 55 other, younger men, made the team, and is now a starter who his teammates have lovingly dubbed "Old Man Dan."

In order to be able to play at the collegiate level, Stoddard takes online classes at Algonquin with nearly a full scholarship and he plans to graduate in four years and become an accountant.

Before Stoddard was making the news for being CityNews Toronto's "Player of the Week" he was also saving the day as a bus driver when he helped a woman fleeing sexual assault.

“You never want to crush a dream,” Old Man Dan said. “The dream is always accessible to you if you want it.”

There's some Monday motivation for you everyone! Get out there and better your life!

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