Dear Humans,

I traded Dan America some magic beans for a chance to use his blog to express some of my concerns regarding Easter Sunday. Please let the music from this video play in the background as you read, or if you feel that you're up to the challenge of stomaching a vintage cartoon, watch the video, but remember that I warned you.

First of all, make sure to check out Q103's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter today to find out where the Creepster Bunny hid his Creepster eggs and you can win a four-pack of tickets to Q103's Q-Ruption at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in July.

And now for a short list of my concerns:

Cats & Dogs:

Please keep your cats or dogs crated in one room for the night, because I am tired of being chased around your homes when all I am trying to do is leave you candy, and if you don't, then this year I just may hide all of your Easter candy in your dishwasher and turn it on.

My Bunny Family

Dan America has brought up an interesting point: You ever notice that if there is a homeless person living in the suburbs that there are less wild bunnies running around and getting ran over by cars?

I think that my brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins are being hunted and consumed by the homeless. Please stop them and take them to a shelter or a soup kitchen so that they will stop eating us.

Putting Money in Plastic Eggs

Money is not candy, I have no money, I am a bunny.

You may think that you're being the hero on Easter Sunday if you hide money in plastic eggs, but you're not, you're ruining it for everyone else.

Stop Eating Your Kid's Candy

Sunday night, when all the kids have crashed off of their sugar high and have passed out and you think that no one will notice if you steal a piece of candy or two, don't do it! They always notice.

Don't Just Leave Me a Carrot

Does everyone leave Santa the same type of cookie on Christmas? No they don't, so leave me more then just a carrot on Easter. Go to the supermarket and buy a veggie platter and leave it out for me.

Don't Pick Fights With Me in the Mall

Seriously, kids are watching.

Remind Your Kids

Not to wait up to try and catch me, I am very fast.

Those are all of my concerns for now. Dan America ate the beans. Happy Easter.


The Easter Bunny

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