Texas mom Jessica Johns wanted to do something special for her son Justin, whose dad died in Iraq in 2003 when Justin was only nine months old.

Justin wanted a car, any car, that his father had once drove. So Jessica set out to make the seemingly impossible, possible after finding her husband’s 1999 Toyota Celica registration.

Jessica posted pictures and the car's registration number to Facebook in hopes that someone could help her track down the convertible. A few days later, they found the car after the daughter of the car's owner saw the photos on Facebook.

Amazingly enough, Follow The Flag, who works out of Utah to "inspire patriotism" collected donations to help pay for the car and even took the time to restore the Celica to it's glory.

Once everything was done, the founder of Follow The Flag drove the Celica to Jessica and Justin in Moore, Texas.

When Justin was surprised with the car and given the keys, he was left speechless.

We're not crying, you are.

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