A Perfect Circle have been performing another new song live! The track “Hourglass” was captured by a fan in Tulsa, Okla. and the song doesn’t sound anything like you’d expect.

A Perfect Circle announced recently that their fourth studio album will indeed see a 2017 release. Fans rejoiced with the news and their excitement peaked once again when “Feathers” was debuted live by APC. The consensus from fans was that the song sounded awesome, so we’re excited to hear the reaction to this more farfetched cut from Maynard James Keenan, Billy Howerdel and the rest of the collective.

“Hourglass” is driven heavily by electronics and Maynard’s voice, which almost puts it in Puscifer territory. Keyboard, synths and drums are also right up front in the mix, with guitar taking more of a passenger’s role. A robotic voice can also be heard sharing lyrics with Maynard Keenan during the track’s chorus.

A Perfect Circle’s new album will be their first since releasing eMOTIVe back in 2004, making the wait for a new Tool record seem like child’s play. The new collection of tracks will be released via BMG at a date yet to be announced.

Check out this quality recording of “Hourglass” in the clip above and tell us what you think of A Perfect Circle’s moody experimentation!

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