Friday I made a bunch of predictions for NXT TakeOver New Orleans and Wrestlemania 34. I was wrong on most of my predictions and I am willing to admit that I am conformable being wrong except for being wrong about Asuka winning.

I am not comfortable with being wrong because I am usually right, I am not comfortable being wrong because it’s someone else’s fault. I am comfortable being wrong because I like to learn why I was wrong so that I can be right the next time.

Sometimes being wrong is funny, sometimes being wrong is sad, sometimes when you’re wrong, you’re mad. When I am wrong it’s usually funny.

Admitting that you’re wrong can be liberating, if you admit that you’re wrong you can move on.

Although I usually get one comment when I ask people to share, I want you to admit to what you’re wrong about. I am expecting one response to this blog but I hope that I am wrong.

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