When Apple said "No" to Flash on the iPhone because of performance issues, people complained about Apple. Adobe shot back that Flash on mobile devices was coming and the world would be happy again. When it got here, it wasn't very good, and that's being polite. Even after Steve Jobs weighed in on the argument against Flash, people still complained. Now, Adobe has decided to kill Flash on mobile devices. Like I didn't see that coming.

Adobe Takes Out Ad Aimed At Apple Not Allowing Flash On Its Phones, iPads

Adobe plans to keep developing Flash for computers, for now,  and focus more on HTML5 like they will be for mobiles, with their Adobe AIR. The announcement was made Tuesday by Adobe and was a shock to some but mostly a sigh of "About time" to many.But with this comes Adobe's promise to aggressively contribute to HTML5. This is an open standard that many platforms already support out of the box.

Adobe has also announced that they are working on Flash version 12 right now, adding more features. Hopefully, they will address performance issues I feel it has on regular computers. It seems to tax even modern cpus and bog them down. With luck, that will now change giving us better games and layers for getting new content on our computers. As for mobiles, there will still be critical and security updates for Flash, but for all purposes, on the mobile platform, Flash is dead. So, adios amigos.



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