A Capital Region bull has made an escape of a lifetime from a Washington County livestock auction and he does not want to go back!

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Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

I really kind of feel for this poor bull. The Washington County Sheriff's office is warning residents about a "Large aggressive bull" on the loose in Jackson.

According to News 10 the poor bull was at the Cambridge Valley livestock auction barn and was being unloaded by his owner from a trailer when he made the daring escape! He hightailed it out of there charging down the street where he was almost hit by a car!

Police issued a reverse 911 call to residents warning them about the situation and are urging people not to approach the bull if they happen to come across his path because he really wasn't in the best of moods last time he was seen on Route 78 near the auction barn.

If in the event that you do happen to spot him police are asking you to call the authorities at (518) 747-4623.