Believe it or not; when you are air guitaring in your car to Q103 there is actually a benefit to it outside of you jamming out to your favorite song - if you actually play an instrument.

According to a new study from Guildhall School of Music and the Royal College of Music, shows that air guitar and singing in the show can help inspiring musicians.

Mirjam James from the school said of the study:

Activities like air guitar can help aspiring musicians to have moments of inspiration they would not have otherwise.

Musicians in the study were filmed "airing" the instrument of their choosing and asked several questions afterwords. One horn player claimed to have had more "breakthroughs" or "creative episodes" while doing things other than playing his instrument. Most of the footage of this horn player was of him singing, playing piano, and whistling.

So if you play, rocking out with some air-whatever will help you. For the rest of us? We can continue to rock out in our cars while others look on with judgment.


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