Merry St. Patrick's Day!! While most of us are back to work and wishing we never partook in St. Patty's Day weekend debauchery there are a select few who are getting down today. Keep in mind, po-po be looking for you!

If you plan on having a few drinks today make sure you have a designated driver, or at the very least, a few extra bucks to catch a cab.

New York State Police are out in force with checking for drunk drivers via extra sobriety checkpoints. Also, police will be looking for underage drinkers as well as distracted drivers. Put the phone down!!

If you're out and about today and do not have a designated driver, call a cab. I've listed a bunch below.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!



Capitaland Taxi: 518-452-8888

Buzzy's Taxi: 518-433-8888

Yellow Cab: 518-433-0300

ACME TaxiCab: 518-233-8294



Eagle Taxi: 518-365-1209

Star& Strand Taxi: 518-272-8248

AAA Taxi Service: 518-308-7168



Bee Taxi: 518-233-8294


Clifton Park:

AA Taxi: 518-621-0218



Northway Taxi: 518-925-6099



Electric City Taxi: 518-357-3328

Capitaland Taxi: 518-372-7777

Schenectady Yellow Cab: 518-434-5555

Checker Cab: 518-456-8800