Today marks the grand opening of the third medical marijuana dispensary in Albany County, Vireo Health.

Major movements in my opinion are being made in the medical marijuana field in New York which is good because we are still light years behind what other states have accomplished. We now also have around 9,000 people in the state with a medical marijuana card as well, including a nine year old girl.

The direction in my opinion we need to move in is with coverage of cost by health insurance. I'm not aware what prices on items purchased at these facilities are, but I can assume they aren't exactly cheap. Health insurance companies should cover at least a portion of the purchase just due to the fact it is like any other drug and has its own positive effects like many other prescribed pharmaceuticals.

I hardly consider myself an expert on this topic but I do know the positives marijuana can bring being that cancer has run rampart through my family. To look back and know at least many of my deceased family members could have at least had their pain eased a bit if marijuana was legal.

The new medical marijuana facility of Vireo Health located within a small shopping plaza on Fuller Road in Albany. More info at the link below.

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