There's a new member of the Albany Police Force and he needs a name.

The nine-week-old Golden Doodle was donated to the Albany Police Department by Sand Lake Doodles.

Most people when they think of a police dog think of a big, strong, and maybe scary German Sheppard Dog, but this police dog is a cute cuddly therapy dog that will be on duty to help victims of trauma feel comforted. Dogs transcend cultures, religious beliefs, and political affiliations, so they could help to establish stronger relationships between police and citizens. In addition, this cute puppy is a police/community relations best friend. A police officer with a K9 Doodle officer is just more approachable and automatically friendlier than one with a "typical" police dog. When it comes to kids, nothing opens them up or comforts them more than a cute dog.

Now that Albany has its newest K9 officer, they need a name and that's where you come in. The Albany Police want you to choose their cutest officer's name. You can choose between  Dean, Ace, Sammy, Buddy, Charlie, and Jay.

You can vote here.

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