We all know when you go to a bar or restaurant that the alcohol you order is marked up at a considerable price; but just how much of a mark up is there exactly? You might be shocked.

You are essentially paying for the experience of the place you are at. So if you are at a restaurant that has a theme, you are paying for the experience and atmosphere they provide. Because, lets face facts here for the price of two or three drinks you could get pretty well off at home with more.

The mark up you pay is anywhere between 300 and 400 percent per item. Here's quick breakdown.


  • Premium bottled beer is up 300%
  • 'Other' bottled beer is up 400%
  • Regular draft beer is up 456%
  • Premium draft beer is up 355%
  • (Beer is your best option to 'more bang for the buck')

Mixed Drinks

  • Expensive/premium booze is around 300%
  • Well booze is around 450%
  • (Go for the good stuff to get 'more bang for the buck')


  • Regardless of brand or grade, price is up 400%
  • 356% mark up per glass
  • 200% mark up per bottle
  • 150% mark up on 'good' bottle


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