You don't spend decades playing with rocks elite musicians backing up a rock legend without picking up a thing or two.

Alice Copper has been bringing the rock for 50+ years and one thing that you cannot deny is that his live show is a production of awesomeness that you want to see again and again.  To do a show such as his and to keep making the music he does he cannot do it alone. Since the original Alice Cooper Band Alice has had a bit of a rotating lineup of musicians with him on stage however, those backing him up have always been the best of the best in the rock community.

Two of his longtime band mates, Ryan Roxie and Chuck Garric, sat down to talk to us a bit before they took the stage at The Palace Theatre about their longevity as a part of Alice Coopers Band, life and career advice they have learned fro the veteran rocker, and what they have going on outside Alice Coopers Band.

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