Tonight’s game 4 is by far the biggest game of this year’s playoffs. It feels like that if the Celts can win tonight that the Heat are just going to collapse and lose 4 in a row. The big question though is, can the older, wiser, more experienced and most importantly… banged up Celtics win?


 If they were healthy I think it would be no brainer. But with a nicked up Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Delonte West, Shaq and Rajon Rondo literally playing with one arm how are they going to do it? Seriously, wasn’t watching Rondo on Saturday play with just his right arm one of the craziest things you’ve ever seen in sports? It was for my father and me. Although it was amazing, my dad and I were both cussing out Doc Rivers for letting him play like that. Unbelievably though, he did it and even managed to score 4 points in that condition. I really have no idea how he did it. That is a moment I will never forget!

 The good news for C’s fans is that Rondo’s MRI on his hyper extended arm showed no fractures, but he is listed as a game time decision. Driving back from NH this morning after a nice Mother’s Day weekend I listened to Boston sports talk most the way home. And after listening to almost 3 hours of it, the truth is that no one knows what it’s going to be like tonight. Will Rondo play? If so, how effective will he be? What kind of tactics will the Heat use against Rondo if he is in there? Can Garnett and Pierce score 28 and 27 points respectively again? If you’re a sports fan, than tonight’s game and every second leading up to is truly dramatic. This is one of those games that you can’t just tune in to for the last 2 minutes. This is one that you actually need to watch the pre-game and don’t want to miss the tip off. Normally when I talk sports, I like making prognostications, but with all this uncertainty it’s impossible to make one. There are so many intangibles to game 4 that all you can do is wait for it to start.

Go C’s!