A vicious fight broke out yesterday afternoon requiring a lot of police to be called to Albany High School yesterday and many students found themselves arrested.

You know, as if Albany High School already doesn't get a bad rep, this doesn't help. Police actually had to shut down a portion of Washington Avenue due to the melee on Thursday. At first there were rumors of multiple stabbings, which the Albany Police have said nothing like that actually happened.

Fights started in the hallways of the school and spilled into the streets. It is unclear whether they started before or after a fire alarm was pulled. Nearly a dozen students were arrested. Many students who were victims were also being treated in ambulances, including one being brought to the hospital to be treated for a nose injury.

This resulted in the school being closed today so the police and the school district can have more time to observe the surveillance footage. Also for the safety of the students as well. More info from the Times Union below.