Did someone say turn up the crazy in here? Well My girl Amanda Bynes is back behind the wheel of the crazy twitter train and it's amazing. It seems like only yesterday the love of my life was taking horrific selfies in trashy drug infused wigs and then poof, she stopped. The insane tweets took a break and the Amanda Bynes party fizzled out.

I never lost faith in this girl not for a minute. Okay, maybe for like 30 seconds but not a full minute. The girl I was sure I would grow up to marry or at the very least get trapped on the wrong side of a vacation island with was going a little nuts and I was worried. I wrote some things on the Q103 website that I was not proud of.

Yeah I did it out of angry thinking that our future was over and I would never get the chance to play on an all male soccer team with her pretending to be her brother, but then she totally redeemed herself with this sweet new thread of Amanda-esque tweets. Twitter is the place where regrets come to socialize.