Last week we told you that the Amazin Prime series "Modern Love" was filming their second season in the Schenectady Armory. Filming will take a few months and will include Schenectady as it's the backdrop. Well, now it looks like the series wants to cast some people from the Capital Region to be part of the production.

Modern Love is a series from Amazon Prime with a revolving cast of big-league actors including Tina Fey, Anne Hathaway,  and Andy Garcia. The series focuses on love from several different points of view in several relationships. Season one premiered in October 2019 and was a big success for Amazon. Most of season one was shot in New York City and Hudson, New York. Season two looks to be shot mostly in Schenectady with the city serving as a New York City stand-in.

The Amazon Prime production needs extras to portray the people of New York City. No experience is necessary. They are looking for men, women, and children to be part of the production. Don't expect to land a leading're most likely going to be background extras in the series.

I've actually done this twice and it's a blast. I was an extra in a small local movie filmed in Lexington, Kentucky when I was in college and I was an extra and got to hang out with Jack Back and Seth Green in the 1993 teen rollerblading movie "Airborne".

You don't need any experience to apply and you just need to register on the Grant Wilfley Casting website, select Albany, N.Y. as their employment area, and upload two recent photos. Mandatory coronavirus testing will take place prior to filming. You can apply online HERE.

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