Every year the folks in Lake George open up their businesses, streets and motels for a fantastic week of awesome. There's really no other way to describe Americade. It really is perfect up there.

With loads of people and loads of bikes, the streets of Lake George on Saturday were jammed with peeps who were ready to party in a very cool town. Include Saratoga Eagle, Budweiser, Spitzie's, Duffy's and a free Harley along with great live music from Megan and the Brats and well- Game on till the break of dawn!

Certainly plenty of bikes to parooze.


The Greatest License Plate Of All Time!


One of our guys Vinnie just had to have a pic with the Budweiser girls- Photo bomb anyone?


Live music from Megan and the Brats kept everyone entertained as they drank their Budweiser.


Oh, I almost forgot- the point of us being at Duffy's on Saturday. We gave away a damn Harley.


With roughly 200 entries it all came down to one. Leona, enjoy your Harley!