On this episode of The Generation X Files Tatiana and I pay homage to ‘Print Magazines’ because we did not just buy Magazines. We did not just read them or subscribe to them, we also decorated with them. Some people made collages and in some cases people made ransom notes out of magazines.

Some people lived for magazines and dreamed of being a contributor to their favorite magazine. Some people dared to dream bigger then that and wanted to start their own magazine.

Unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that Millennials and the Internet are responsible for the death of the Magazine.

Tatiana and I also come to the realization that we are a part of the inevitable death of the Magazine.

So we pay homage to Magazines because we are helping to get rid of them for good.

I feel that this episode if a good example of irony.

Coming Soon:

Back to School (Part 1)

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