Tape Face made it all the way to he finals of the 2016 season of America's Got Talent and now you can see him in person right here in the Capital Region!

"America's Got Talent" Season 11 Live Show - Arrivals
Alberto E. Rodriguez /Getty Images

If you are an avid viewer of America's Got Talent then you might be familiar with Tape Face and his act. If you however, are like myself and kind of just catch the clips of the show while scrolling through your facebook feed allow me to attempt to fill you in a little bit on his act ...

As far as I can gather he does his bit with a giant piece of duct tape across his mouth and essentially performs silent comedy (in fact he Simon Cowell referred to him as the modern day Charlie Chaplin). According to the show page you can expect his performance to be

Visually stunning, heart-stopping, and hilarious – you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and when it’s over you’ll be completely lost for words.

In case you need more of a visual as to what he's all about you can watch a video of his America's Got Talent appearances below. If you are totally into his set and want to see his award winning performance live well, you are in luck because he's coming to the Capital Region! He'll be performing at the Troy Music Hall on October 12th tickets for the show go on sale this Friday and you can get those HERE if you are interested!

I can totally see how this could be a good time however, I might get a little distracted (no offense Tape Face) without any speaking going on. I had the same problem when I went to see the Blue Man Group but that's just me. But you know what, I bet you the kids will LOVE it!