Crude, lewd and super obnoxious comedian Andy Dick is in trouble, again, and is being sued, again. He took his name literally and exposed his penis to a man in the crowd at one of his shows and then forced it onto the man's head. This gives new meaning to the name Andy Dick, and is very well- fitted for him.

The 45-year-old Andy Dick has somehow made a career out of his comedy (was a former actor on NewsRadio), but perhaps what has gotten him the most attention throughout the years is his substance abuse and prior exposure and sexual abuse charges. The most recent incident happened just a week or so ago, as Dick was arrested for disorderly conduct with alcohol at a California restaurant. This apparrantly is nothing new for Dick, so when will his doctor and lawyer finally figure out that he is insane and needs help?

The plaintiff who is suing Dick for his inappropriate acts is Robert Tucker, who was present at a Dallas, Texas show last December. Dick was singing and prancing around the stage dressed in a black cami and a red skirt (with nothing on underneath), and also donned a blond wig (hmm, was he supposed to be Paris, Lady Gaga, Brittany or Christina?)

When Dick made his way through the audience he was near Tucker who then asked for an autograph, in which Dick replied with a "hold on a minute," and then kneeled on a bar stool and rubbed Tucker's head, according to Popeater.

Defendant Dick then, while still controlling Plaintiff's head with his hand, forced his genitals against the left side of Plaintiff's face.

The faux-job triggered Tucker's lawsuit, citing defamation of conduct and infliction of emotional distress, and seeking unspecified damages. The suit targets both Dick and his talent agency.

I get what Dick did is gross and shouldn't happen again, but was it that necessary to sue him? How much money could Tucker even win? There is video footage of the incident, which proves exactly what and how Dick was able to force himself on Tucker, but what will everyone get out of this? Dick hasn't yet learned his lesson, and probably never will, so my guess is Tucker just wants a little attention and perhaps a lot of money. What do you think?

For more information and the view the video of the incident, go here.