Turns out funny works, but a few collaborations with popular recording artists doesn't help your albums success either. 


Just when you thought Andy Samberg couldn't be riding any higher, his comedy music group The Lonely Island's latest album has stormed the charts and landed at the number 3 spot.   So far they have sold nearly 70,000 copies of their new album Turtleneck and Chain. This is great for those guys who have been the biggest hit on Saturday Night Live with their digital shorts, which can be found on the album.  So if you enjoy their music videos, I'm sure you'll love the album.

So pretty big stars on the album with these guys too.  Snoop Dogg, Michael Bolton, Akon, Beck, Rhianna and more all make appearances on the record.  Their last album, Incredibad, also brought some star power, but topped the charts at the 13 spot, so these guys are making some very impressive progress.