Seeing as I love the line you can now say hello to the bad guy and one of his best friends too. Also, take a picture with these two outsiders.

I was excited enough and yelled take my money when I heard that Heroes Hideout in Rensselaer would be oozing machismo from Razor Ramon. Now to know that he will be joined by a name in the wrestling business that may be even bigger than him? Take my money again.

Kevin Nash or Diesel will be alongside Scott Hall on March 31st. Both Hall of Famers. Nash as Diesel won the WWE Championship and the promotions Intercontinental Championship both in 1994. For almost two decades he held the longest reign as champion too from 1995-2012. He also has a wealth of accomplishments in both WCW and TNA as well. Along with that a founder of one of the biggest wrestling factions of all time, the NWO.

Will you be seeing Big Daddy Cool and Scott Hall March 31st at Heroes Hideout in Rensselaer?