I had the unique opportunity to see Black Sabbath's "The End" tour on their opening night from the front row with my son (his first concert...which is pretty cool. As great as the show was, I felt like something was missing. What was missing, was Bill Ward. Now after the tour is over and Sabbath is "officially done" Bill Ward would like another chance to play with the rest of Black Sabbath.

He posted a video to Twitter after both Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler have said in recent months they would be up a one-off show, and Ozzy said he didn't like the last Sabbath tour because Ward wasn't there.

In the video Ward says, "I wanted to say that I love Tony [Iommi], Geezer and Ozzy very much. I've loved them for a long time, and I still do. And I would be very open-minded to any ideas about playing together in the future." Ward hung out with Iommi and Butler at the Grammy tribute to Sabbath back in May.

There were a few reasons why Ward wasn't on Sabbath's final tour, depending on which side you ask. Ward said he refused to agree to an "unsignable" contract, while the rest of the band thought he might not be physically up for it and wanted a second drummer on hand for the trek.