Did you light your fireworks with camel poop yesterday?

I remember as a kid the rumor that those slow burning “punks” that we used to light our bottle rockets in the street were made of poop. I’ll never forget the first time I heard that. We were lighting a roll of firecrackers in the street and my friend Scott had a bunk burning in his have. As he was laying out this roll of pyrotechnics he needed both hands so he put the unlit end of the punk in his mouth kinda like a cigarette. As soon as he did it our friend Kevin started laughing his head off. He yells at the top of his lungs, “Scott just put camel poop in his mouth!” Scott was embarrassed, I laughed hard and Kevin got thumped right in the side of his head. So for me, the legend was born.

Now for the truth......or kinda truth.  According to Wicapedia,

early punks were just any kind of fiber that would burn, stuck to a stick. One of the things that was used…was cow dung. So I'm sure that's how the urban legend got started. Not only were cow droppings used, so were cattails, rotten fibers and even cotton dipped in animal fat or wax.

Now, that was a long time ago. I doubt they still make them out of any kind of dookie anymore,  but just to be safe keep that punk outta your mouth! By the way, I think using a propane torch works WAY better when lighting fireworks anyway.

Have you ever heard this urban myth?