On Sunday Stephen Amell who plays Oliver Queen/Arrow on the CW's Arrow, will be teaming up with Neville to take on Stardust & King Barrett, at Summerslam.  


Remember kids, Wrestling is as real as it looks, if it were completely fake then they would tell you to try this at home, instead of telling you not to try this at home.

I am actually excited to see this match, because I read a rumor that Stephen Amell is going to wrestle in his Arrow costume, not to mention that I like every wrestler in this match.

There have been many failed attempts to include celebrities in wrestling matches, they even had Robo Cop show up in a WCW match, it's always silly, or watered down when a celebrity participates a match, but Stephen Amell seems like he is going to give us a good show.

Don't forget!

The WWE is coming back to Albany on September 29th, to the Times Union Center, will we be giving away pairs of tickets?

Listen to q103 to find out.