Are you an artist from the Capital Region? The Arts Center of the Capital Region is in the process of collecting applications for a Hoosic Street Bridge project called the Uniting Line, designed to unite Troy with North Central Troy.

I will not be submitting so you already have less competition. I have little to no artistic ability but I do enjoy art in all of its forms. For example, I have no ability to play an instrument so I chose to talk about music on the radio instead. For this Uniting Line project, formally named Uniting Line Hoosic Street Underpass Public Art Mural, I will visit and admire from afar and let the talented ones shine.

If you are one of the talented ones you have until February 8, 2021 to submit your application. Apply Here Keep in mind they are looking for a high-quality public art project, embody contemporary artistic integrity and conceptually unite and uplift the two neighborhoods adjacent to the site. These are just some of the aspects they are looking for.

In the 1970's the area around the Hoosic Street Bridge featured basketball courts and an ice rink. Today the Arts Center is searching for an artist that can transform the concrete pillars into an uplifting, warm, inviting, bright visual design. This project is part of an effort to revitalize and beautify an underutilized public space, making contemporary art accessible to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

The Arts Center of the Capital region have opportunities for artists and art organizations. Explore those opportunities HERE.



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