Ever day dream about having ohhhhhh, say - Axel Rose, sing at your birthday party?  Well, if you have a few dollars laying around, you can probably live that dream.  Of course, by a few dollars, I mean a million.

In a recent article written by Mark Cina, "The Shocking Amounts Of Money A Singer Can Make Off A Private Performance", ol' Monte's jaw hit the floor when saw what some of the bands we rock out to rake in to play a private gig.   Cina writes, "Guns N' Roses reportedly raked in $1 million last year to play a private show in Moscow for Alexander Chistyakov, deputy chairman of the management board of Federal Grid Company (FGC)."  A cool mil for Axel and that's one of the cheaper acts!  Look at some of these figures!

In '02, a Texas man paid The Rolling Stones 7 million dollars to play for one hour at his birthday party.

In '05, a CEO of point Blank Solutions Inc. paid 10 million dollars for Aerosmith, 50 Cent, Tom Petty, Kenny G and the Eagles to perform at his daugther's bat mitzvah.  Reports say he paid Tyler and the boys of Aerosmith 2 million dollars so his nephew could play the drums with the guys.

How about the 6 million dollars the Eagles were paid to play a single song, "Hotel California", for a private show in NYC.  One song - six mil.  *shakes head*

Since my buddy Rumz might notice if I tap into his 401K, looks like I'll never be able to afford a private show from GNR to play my big 3-0 bash in a few months.  Guess I'll settle for the Appetite For Destruction cassette tape in my boom box.

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