Elon Musk has a plan. Musk's company SpaceX wants to send two private citizens into space to orbit the moon. Another company called Moon Express wants to send robots to the moon.

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When I first heard that SpaceX is going to send two private citizens to the moon the first thing that came to mind is this:

Then I read this article:

The fact that there is more than one company that wants to land something on the moon, or just fly two private citizens around the moon, with the goal of eventually commercializing space, space travel, the moon and in 2025 mars and one of the companies are called Space Express makes me think of this:

Yup, the race into space is heating up and soon we will be going where no man has gone before and after we've been there we are going to sell it to Earth.

In conclusion: As representative of the Trappist-1 System, I would like to extend our unwelcome to SpaceX, Space Express and NASA because: We don't want any.


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