Comic-Con leak leads to nerdgasm.

Comic-Con is a great place to show new stuff in the nerd world, and there's lots of great things coming, especially movies. The news this morning is that a lot of the trailers shown at Comic-Con have been leaked onto this very internet.

I am very weary about this movie. I want it so bad to be awesome. Many of the scenes remind me directly of The Dark Knight Returns.

Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns is one of the best books written in the genre. It stands the test of time. Go ahead and read it or see the as true to source as possible double animated feature that came out. It still holds up today.

This movie really has to do well. It's supposed to set us up for a DC cinematic universe that will lead to a Justice League movie. I want all this to happen, I just never want to have to live through Bat-nipples again.

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