This week iTunes finally landed The Beatles - long absent from their iTunes Store. About damn time! It's been a long time coming and now that The Beatles are onboard, there aren't too many artists holding out.

Many were cynics about the arrival, claiming that fans of The Beatles had already purchased their entire catalog on vinyl, cassette, and CD over the past few years and that interest in the digital versions would be slight. Yes, the critics said Apple's excitement was over the top... well, those critics can hush their fuss because by midnight on the first day you could download the fab four, all 16 Beatles albums were on the iTunes top 100 albums chart with 8 in the top 20 and 13 in the top 30.

There are some notable bands who still refuse to allow their music on iTunes. Those bands make up approximately 500 million in worldwide album sales.Garth Brooks, AC/DC, Kid Rock, Def Leppard, Bob Seger, and Tool refuse to sell their works on iTunes because they claim that iTunes allows single song downloads and that their entire albums deserve to be downloaded. They claim iTunes ruins the art of music. Oh but wait - if someone buys the entire album the arti$t makes more money. I don't buy the "preserve our art" argument one bit - it's all about the money. Preventing fans from downloading songs they want is only about the interests of the band, and without fans there is no band really. The fact is if you want everyone to download your entire album, maybe you should make sure none of the songs suck and all are worthy of being downloaded. just my 2 cents. What are your thoughts?