Beck has continued the long lead-up to his new Colors LP with the radio premiere of the set's latest pre-release track, "No Distraction."

The song, which debuted via KCRW DJ Gary Calamar’s show and can be streamed here, was inspired by Beck's looming anxiety regarding modern technology. "Anybody who has a phone or a computer lives with the distractions pulling you this way and that," he told Q (via the Future Heart). "We haven’t figured out how to have access to everybody and everything all the time and how it affects us physically and neurologically. Or at least I haven’t. My analogy to friends has been that I feel as if somebody has removed the front door of my house, permanently."

The long-awaited Colors is set to arrive Oct. 13, concluding a three-year drought between albums that Beck fans have endured since 2014's Morning Phase. Largely produced by frequent Adele collaborator Greg Kurstin, the record marks a concerted effort to push songwriting boundaries while putting together an overall upbeat collection of material that captured the "life-sparking" feeling he gets from playing live.

Conceding that he could have put the record to bed months earlier, Beck recently described Colors as an assortment of "complex songs all trying to do two or three things at once," but insisted the end results weren't excessively abstract.

"The best songs make you glad to be alive," he explained. "It doesn’t matter if it’s Beethoven or the Monkees. That’s what I was thinking about a lot."

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